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I was looking around other sites and I came across several redbubble images, mine included. I have not figured out the site yet but it looks like a place to play around with images and in some cases using the images to advertise the product they are selling, I think that is against the law…….not sure.The people using the images have a redbubble link with our username attached but I think it serves as more traffic to steal images…..not to increase chances of sales.I have contacted the company and told them that this is not a stock photograph company but the individuals are held responsible for the images they acquire. I copied some of the images they made with our images and I got a pretty decent result. If you go to polyvore and “TRY” the site, go to the search engine and type redbubble, you will find 7 pages of our images.There is no watermark on them,so they must have cropped them off.I wish there was a way to have a huge watermark displayed across the images only when someone tries to copy or print them. If you go for a visit, let me know what you think.

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EDIT …………This happened in 10/07 and was resolved :)

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