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Clem and Atis video

I have decided that there is no longer room in my life for things such as pride lol ………life it too short and even shorter than we may know. I have been working on some images for a calender and have some more to gather but if you are interested I will give you a link to my video here These are the images that I have aquired thus far and I thought it would be fun for my neice’s and nephew to watch. I need to choose 4 winter scenes from the video to add to a calendar so if you have any favotites please let me know…………I will be working on more seasons soon :)
love ya bunches
Lisa xoxo

Commit to Finish !

I found at least 20 unfinished paintings in the closet today. I can’t tell you why I waste so much time and money on all of these , that I don’t even finish. Does anyone else do that ?
I wanted to start fresh and do a painting today but my daughter Shae said that she finished most of the tubes of acrylic so I took my last canvas and used ……..a big bag of dry pastels, very chalky :)and got to work. That was about an hour ago. I decided I would mark the beginning of this drawing here in the public so that someone ….anyone…… can light a fire under my ass if I don’t finish it soon lol. I’m putting myself on the spot I guess……………let’s see if it works :)
Lisa xo
here is the beginning

Madvlad AKA Walt Evans made my day :)

I went to the mail box today feeling gloomy but when I saw a beautiful envelope with a drawing on it ……………I knew it was going to be a great day ! what was in the envelope ? well…………..there were two beautiful original drawings from my dear friend Madvlad AKA Walt Evans in it. He is such a wonderful dear heart with such a drive for creating art that there is NO down time for him whatsoever LOL, I couldn’t create in a year what he comes up with in a week. What a talent he is………………so if you don’t know him …..please stop by and say hello :)

These are the beautiful original works that he sent me ! my girls and I are so thrilled ! thank you Walt.

Here is the portrait I did of Walt

Love, Lisa xxoo

The Taste of Chicago

I thought I would share some photos of the Taste of Chicago and some of the surrounding streets with you. I put them together as collages because I didn’t want to spend time loading 16 pictures :)
It was a really fun day and we ate lots of food ! oh but not the alligator this year……..I tried it last year and thought it was yuckie :( LOL…

Edit: For those of you that are unfamiliar with the Taste of Chicago………..it is where hundreds of vendors set up booths selling their food and drinks in Grant Park . There are tickets you have to purchase, I think 12 tickets for 8 dollars. They sell taste portions which are small for around 2 to 4 tickets and regular/small portions for between 4 to 12 tickets.
The strangest thing I tried was an Irish egg roll, it was a spring roll shell filled with corned b

I Give Myself 3 months 9/13/2009

To capture a gosh darn bird shot worth posting ! If I can capture a water droplet splashing or a dragonfly from 5 inches away than why not a bird from 3 or 4 feet away ? I know I have a terrible point and shoot camera but still I think it should be possible…………shouldn’t it ?

I just bought a hummingbird feeder so I’m setting my goals high to near impossible but I can’t for the life of me figure out how I haven’t captured a good one yet. I really prefer outside shots in nature……………So are bird shots difficult for anyone else ?

In Response to Martin Kirkwood's "Stark Raving Bonkers" journal

I Challenged Martin to paint while blindfolded and being the good sport that he is……………he accepted. Here is the result Martin’s journal & artwork.…

Gracey thought it looked like fun so she gave it a go too, so go have a look Gracey’s journal & artwork.

It had been a while since I have done this so I thought I would join in on the fun too. I only had a 16" by 20" canvas so I had to use it. I had several brushes ready but I only used one and I used and old Christmas tag to scrape some paint away for added appeal LOL…………………not sure if that mattered…………..

I was peeking for the photo only

I started out with black and white on the canvas and colors on the side

it was a little messy…………

The finished result hmmm globby and messy but like Martin would say “jolly good fun !”

Do you want to try i

What Is Your "Whore" Name ?

Sense of Humor please ;)
I heard somewhere…………I forget where………..In order to get your “whore” name or your “porn” name, that you have to use the name of your first pet and the name of the first street you lived on……..er the first street you can remember………….so my whore name is KITTY HECKER………..what is yours ?

For men and Women………….

My Greedy Mantis Einstein

I thought I would post this for anyone that might like insects. I thought about posting some of the pic’s in my gallery but I’m not sure that they are very appealing ;) He’s a greedy little bugger isn’t he ? I was happy to give Einstein his dinner but I can’t say that I didn’t feel bad because I’ve never really looked closely at a cricket before and their faces are really cute Awww.

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