"Growth Chart" Curation

So I have wanted to do this curation for awhile now but with exams comes lots of time, but along with it guilt at not spending it correctly. So now the time has come and I can finally compile some of the most beautiful portraits on this site that I have come across, that span from babies to grannies and have load of other people in between. So enjoy and do check out the rest of these people’s portfolios please.

And yes… The headings are in Latin but you should be able to work them out…

[ I N F A N T E M ]

| StamatisGR | irenaeus herwindo | Tamara Kaylor | CoffeeBreak |

[ P U E R ]

| Nicole Wells | Melissa Drummond | ShotsOfLove | Jessica Islam Lia |

[ J U V E N I S ]

| aleci | Glenn Stephenson | micklyn | aitor314 |

[ E P H O E B U S ]

| Daniyel Lowden | Trish Woodford | jamari lior | korinrochelle |

[ A D U L T U S ]

| maticki | Sander van den Veen | fallenrosemedia | Rim A-J |

[ S E N E X ]

| Glenn Stephenson | Elox | scott black | Damian Harding |

Other Curations

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I hope you enjoy the selection! Please browse through my favourites folder for more fantastic work!

13 November 2012

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