ON top of the recent self publication of my Mandala Meditations Guidance Cards I am now officially a published author (as well as being a published poet) and my book resides in the National Library! AND I have a letter to prove it! LOL!

Of course the PTB at RB will probably completely ignore me because I don’t make all that much money for them and I’m certainly not as active as I used to be (funny, writing a book, self publishing a 42 card Oracle deck, getting a poetry/photography book together sort of takes TIME…)…

Who cares? I just wanted to let my friends know that finally I have achieved a huge major goal. I dreamed. I did. I manifested.

And now I celebrate:)

Please let all your friends know about my cards. As a self published author I need ALL the help I can get!

Much love, Many blessings!

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