I’ve heard it’s revolting here during…

The love heart is crooked.


Got an itch.

photosynthesis electric

glimmering to pale
the bouffant of my bewilderment  by PJ Ryan ave  by PJ Ryan

the splendour of the wonder

I bathe in candlelight and small wooden birds.

my heart it halves infinitely

love came with me

the dread of the not yet dead

It will occur both ways.

the ungratefulness of that year

I love you beyond the consensus of the word

the beginning beat of my heart

sunshine heart

like a nevallon

kiss my name



We will love winter

Our lips saturated and our tongues drinking.
hummingbird by PJ Ryan black mini skirt fun fishnets by PJ Ryan

a peculiar umbrella

They lay beneath him like harlots.

sweet witch blood

Fuck. / It hurts; like spells and wicked tongues, endless clocks and ruthless sons.

The Third

A page

never bound

I weep before you leave like the willow I can be

the wreck of its tease

fucking disease
chosen bones from the city night  by PJ Ryan whilst she sleeps by PJ Ryan almost by PJ Ryan for everyone by PJ Ryan tie dyed  by PJ Ryan her kaleidoscope by PJ Ryan precaution by PJ Ryan because  by PJ Ryan the sound of candle light by PJ Ryan

butterfly for your blade

The ones across my heart and where I have hoped to die.
thoughtless by PJ Ryan that night changed by PJ Ryan all the better to see you with by PJ Ryan because she's naturally beautiful (see description) by PJ Ryan deity by PJ Ryan atari lipstick by PJ Ryan

the dirt and the dogs

I broke his fuckin’ neck because he was a dog.
my heart is a galaxy by PJ Ryan going home by PJ Ryan the faint thread of his scales by PJ Ryan neighbourhood watch by PJ Ryan in the city by PJ Ryan


I will midnight swim and dance in black garter as I drip dry.

your mouth is heaven

paint your cross where I have been

my wild skin

And I am not afraid in a jungle; alone.
everywhere  by PJ Ryan

Microscopic Morgan travels on an insect.

Nobody believes me, but I saw her.
The nothing that I cage by PJ Ryan

the stripe of my equivocal life

The lines indented into his skin are as beautiful as the folds of a paper.

truth is like a lotus flower

Upon the surface of the bayou she wrote.
the pretty corner by PJ Ryan his emperor hand by PJ Ryan

the skinning of something I feel

my desirous little animal
the right lane by PJ Ryan Om by PJ Ryan ride by PJ Ryan the delivery by PJ Ryan cococabana by PJ Ryan Maia by PJ Ryan Konohana by PJ Ryan chakra by PJ Ryan

My God

My love deserves the best.
her gentle gate by PJ Ryan freyja by PJ Ryan shards of sky by PJ Ryan

I wrote to you

My wings folded and safe; perforated origami shape. / Run your finger along and cut.
feast by PJ Ryan blue aztec by PJ Ryan incensual by PJ Ryan south by PJ Ryan charleston by PJ Ryan train lines by PJ Ryan PJ by PJ Ryan the eleventh by PJ Ryan configuration by PJ Ryan treetops by PJ Ryan gregarious by PJ Ryan

every ticking clock

If you have the time perhaps you could remember we’re leaving.
mirror by PJ Ryan in your absence by PJ Ryan
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