Karin's Little Profiles Series!! =D

Hey Everyone!! eheh… just dropping by to create a lil journal to promote Karin’s latest series and using the journal to advertise to my facebook profile.. ^ _ ^"

So i shall not waste any more time.. Presenting Karin’s latest series – Little Profiles!!!

bmail addiction

…that dreamy “come thither” look in Bessie’s eyes may have seemed innocent enough, but it was a sure sign, her nagging bmail addiction was raging out of control…..again!

Unladylike Ladybird

… .Jacinta had been trying all her life
to fit in with the other ladybirds in her clan,
but curbing her unladylike behaviour
was proving a bit harder than she realised …

Chilled Snail

…fast living had taken quite a toll on Dave, so he opted for a ‘seachange’ and lived out his latter years in peace, enjoying his pipe, growing a goatee and reflecting on the benefits of monastic living …

Queunliskanphobia (Saliva Phobia)

…Sophie’s saliva phobia was out of control again
after a relapse of OCD and agrophobia she was a real mess – life can be so unkind

Cynical Cupcake

Herb’s partying days were over . . .
tragically, years of burning the
candle at both ends had left him
feeling cynical, bitter and twisted . . .

Bored Bird

…despite her good intentions and quiet composure, Bonny longed to break free from societies norms …. bored with sitting on the nest
she dreamt of exploring the wild blue yonder, hopefully she’d find the courage to convince Ralph to fly south with her for the winter . . .

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