2nd Milestone Achieved!!!

YESH people!!! FINALLY!!!! Finally, after struggling since last month, trying to get a stall.. FINALLY!!!

This monday-wednesday, 22^th^-24^th^ Dec, 11am – 10pm, Vivo City, Singapore,
Level 3, near Sentosa Express … Fa will be opening her very first physical stall!!!!

This is like achieving my second milestone – to have my own little cart!! am so happy!!! (the first being starting an online shop and work hard till people like my designs enough to buy them) am more nervous and panicky now, actually, but you get what i mean, hey?

it’s like.. after the successful meeting with the people from PaTH i didn’t actually chase them asking when can i start already.. but rather i’ve been like trying my best to juggle a freelance web project, while preparing things i need for the cart.. Then suddenly today, BAM!! i got a text message asking me if i can open my stall next mon-wed. Cos this stalls section is supposed to run only on every first and last weekend of the month. i guess they want to have more stalls around before xmas hey? nothing beats last minute shopping..
but last minute preparation is freaking me out!!

I’ll be pressing some buttons, printing some posters, and Sinli will be helping me with writing the price displays (since i have a terrible handwriting). Yesterday, we just shopped for the hangers and clothes rack.. thank goodness we shopped yesterday.. i also ordered some glasses and dog tags to be made into pendants, but i don’t think i’ll get them till end of the year.. so no necklaces for next week.. i hope my stall looks ok enough.. i don’t have much things to sell yet, it’s very worrying. i only have 8 different tee designs printed.. less than 10magnets and journals and keychains.. 15 buttons..

am thankful i have my friend, Sinli, to help me out..

i am SOOO not going to freak out!! much..

yes yes, will take some photos.. i’m currently spotting lotsa lotsa pimples and fats and terrible dark rings, but heck!!

Lastly, big fat thank you to the mystery buyer of Kenny – the baby tortoise
And a thousand apologies for not being around here much these days.. Depression keep crawling into me..

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