Wishing Forever Love and Happiness to New Wedded Couple!!

Today, 22 Oct 2008, Ellen and Montri will be registering their marriage!!
Congratulations, Ellen!!! Congratulations, Montri!!!

Thought i’d join in the fun since Karin and Midori already journalled about it..
hehehehe… ^ _ ^" Me wish you two a very happy and blessed marriage. Wishing you forever love and good health and fortune!! =D

There’s no such thing as no big celebration, Ellen!!
We at RB will celebrate big big for you!!!! =D

To those who haven’t seen Ellen’s or Montri’s work, check these out!!

Montri as siameseboy!!

i bet some of you haven’t seen Montri’s work on RB? Please do go give the big guy some love and biiiiig hugs!!! XD

Ellen as Udonchow

Ellen as smile4me

Go give these lovely newly wedded couple a nice big hug people!!! XD

Here’s Midori-sama and Karin-sama journals for these lovely couple!!
Wedding Bells!!! Congratulations, udonchow!!!
Ellen’s Getting Married Today!

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