Thanks and Love from Fa

Yep yep!! i just wanna thank you guys for such a warm warm welcome you gave me!! i’ve been sorta away from RB for like.. more than a month, not posting anything new? but i got such a lovely lovely welcome the last 2 days… i just wanna scream a big phat THANK YOU!!!!! Thank you to all you lovely lovely people who commented and even fav-ed my tees.. you made me and Tim very happy despite the crap we got in reality from real-world.. =D

I wanna thank the Mystery Buyer of Who says I’m mental? (v.02) !! Thank you so much for purchasing the tee yesterday!! it really made my day.. =D

This design is also available as dual sided tee , stickers , keychains and magnets at my zazzle gallery =D

I also wanna thank everyone for the kind and wonderful responses to my 2 latest designs, Paint Yourself and I Love Me – Have You Loved Yourself Today?

Thank You so so much!!

The lovely flower fairy, Karen Cook , even wrote a journal dedicating a song to me.. it think it’s a really cute song and the chorus is still STUCK in my head, so do check it out, people!! =D i wanna share that wonderful song with everyone!! You’re the best-est bunch of people, seriously!!! XD

I also thank the moderators of The Patchwork and Thought Bubble for featuring yesterday!! =D

And while i’m at it, please check out some of these lovely tee designs by new fellow bubblers!! i love them!! =D

Angelica Rubio

Jess White


And do check out Swisstoons too for a great dosage of humor!! XD

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