Stop Bullying My Friend!!!!

I’ve posted this some days ago on my blog before being admitted into hospital.. then now i come back and learn that my most precious friend here have been hurt by bullies again! Honestly, i’m sick of whichever low-life jerk who bullies people who’re kind and gentle! so i’ll journal what i think about bullying here.

Stop bullying!!!
You’re pathetic if you have to resort to bullying your competition in hope that people will purchase from you instead. i really despise businessman/woman who resort to petty schemes in an attempt to pull down their competitor. instead of putting in effort to better yourself, you trying to bring other’s down? The outcome will still be the same. you’re the same old fellow no better than you were before your “competitor” falls. of course, i won’t be surprised if many business people out there don’t agree with me.

why do i keep using the term “business”? simple, other than being an artists/artisans, we’re all considered as businessmen/women if we’re here to sell our works. now back to my blog entry…

Competitors are EVERYWHERE. if you wanna regard someone as a competitor whom you must beat, all the best. You have a whole world of designers to compete against. There will always be someone better than you, and someone doing waaaaaay better than you. Even the best can’t hold reign forever.

“Competition brings out the best in products and the worst in people. ~David Sarnoff”

Personally, i’ve given up on pitting myself against other people. Even if i win someone, there’ll be a million others to win against next. i’ll never be happy. So i’ve always challenge myself instead. I work hard to make my new products better than my old ones. If silly customers keep “bathing” with their necklaces, i work on making it more waterproof. honestly? till now i’m not satisfied with the tile pendants.. i wish can do glass melting or metal welding or buy trays for all, but then the selling price will have to increase, and we all know, in singapore, it’s hard to make a living if you’re selling things too expensive. “Complaining” is our national hobby.. XD if there’s new style to try i’ll try the new style and when people like it, i make more. in this case, i’ve started selling filigree necklaces.. i work on improving my own sales for each weekend-stall rather than try beat other shops.

of course there are many days when business is poor. especially when shoppers have big budgets. they’ll naturally rather shop in boutiques and branded shops than pushcarts. there’re also days when sales is awesome for other vendors but just slow for me. sometimes i’d envy them., these days, i just feel happy for them. i can’t be bothered to be jealous, cos they are selling their designs. if the shoppers that weekend happen to like their stuffs, i can’t expect them to also happen to like my stuffs. sometimes, i’m the one that gets good sales because the shoppers that weekend in the area happens to be shoppers that likes mine and karin’s design. there is no point in being jealous of other people’s business.. envy them if you must.. then work hard on improving your on sales, your own design. not waste time trying to bring other people down.

“Am I not destroying my enemies when I make friends of them?” ~Abraham Lincoln

if you have a handmade-jewelery stall, are you going to regard another jewelery stall beside yours as your competition? how about the jewelery shops in the mall..? then how about the jewelery shops in the country? the world? you’ll never be satisfied or happy if you spend your life trying to bring all of them down. Instead, work hard to keep improving your own art/craft. Do lots of marketing and networking. Play nice, and you’ll have more allies than enemies. You never know when you might need their help. Heck, if you’re nice, some might even offer you help before you ask for one! So Play Nice Online and Offline! Stop Bullying!

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