THANK YOU Mystery Buyer!!! (i so owe you, Karin!)

first of all..

Ultra BIG Tim Hug to the Mystery Buyer of Hug? !!!!!!

Thank you, Mystery Buyer!! Thank youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu! =D

And Karin, Thank you SO SO mmmuch for making Tim fanclub!! i wonder if the buyer got to know Tim from there.. Thank you so much dear!! this is really a confidence booster~ i am so ready to produce more lil Tim designs!! =D

Tim: awww man.. more work..
fa: more work = more love, Tim! =D
Tim: me monster no need love
fa: aww, stop acting tough, you love the hugs don’t cha~ i see you smiling ear to ear when hugged!! XD
Tim: SHHH!!! you’re giving my “tough monster” image away!! X)

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