Adventures in freelancing.

now bwfore you go any further i must note that AIF part one is actually backdated from august of this year but i thought i would share it with you here. enjoy.

Part 1

So just over 4 weeks ago I went part time in my call centre job so that I could spend more time doing freelance work. This was a fairly easy decision but with obvious financial ramifications. Mentally I have a far more positive frame of mind but a bank balance that is almost constantly in the negative. I have been trying to keep to a routine of getting up around the same time as my partner, doing a bit of exercise, check emails, scout for jobs on peopleperhour and do some artwork, with a break for some lunch and some household chores (mainly laundry). This has been largely successful up until the last week or so when I have been getting a bit lazy. Its an easy trap to fall into but thanks to my bank balance ( I spent the morning raiding the copper jar to get a bus fare) its snapped me out of my lethargy. This month was a bit of a harsh one due to a few more depts than usual but next month will be the true test as its my first month of full part time pay (if that makes sense) so I must make sure I have at least some way of balancing out my income as it where. Organisation has never been my strong point so it will be interesting to see how a naturally messy, chaotic person such as my self deals with things like accounting.

Today though has been a bit of a return to form. So far I have got up, made coffee for my partner, done my exercises, surfed the net (only 4 jobs on pph today, bit of a low) got clothes ready for later on and paid some dept (which would have been easier if not for it being a bank holiday today bah!). I’ve also did some painting and typed this up as I wait for a zombie baby Jesus with accompanying zombie sheep to come out of the oven (bet you never thought you would read that in a blog) for some stock to sell on the run up to Christmas. See? Getting organised….kinda.

Today’s lunch was spice beef instant noodles.


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