Melanie Dooley

McDowall, Australia

I have no training in art or design – everything I do is from teaching myself. Most times it works, but sometimes it doesn’t....

I'm Selling My House

Scary and exciting at the same time.

I don’t worry about where I will go or what I will do – that is already worked out. I’ve always been fine – even with next to nothing, I’ve gotten by.

Not sure what it is really. My little haven and place that is all mine will soon belong to someone else. The walls I painted, the garden I planted, the rooms I sat in and slept in, and laughed in.

It has an interesting history, my house.

I met a man who was born in my bedroom. He came by one afternoon while I was pulling weeds out the front.

He was born in the 1920s and was one of 10 or so kids who lived here – along with his mum and granny. He turned 79 and the house is #79 – he wanted his photo taken out front.

They even had a Melbourne tram in the backyard to accommodate the older boys. His mother gave birth and died in my bedroom. She lived in my house for 60 years – she built it.

Back out of the coocoon and into a new home. The next phase.

I hope someone will love this place as much as I have – but is that too much to ask? Just pay the price I want and once I leave I will never come back – not my home anymore.

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