Melanie Dooley

McDowall, Australia

I have no training in art or design – everything I do is from teaching myself. Most times it works, but sometimes it doesn’t....

Hello, still alive

Yes I’m still alive.

Just been caught up with other things for some time now.

My blog has all the latest: Vulticulus Blog

I’ve been doing some tee shirt design for a clothing company in the USA. I can’t show the designs here as the collection will not be released till next year. It was fun – I did two designs including their ‘signature tee’ for the whole collection. What a buzz as I don’t consider myself a designer at all. I just do it for fun.

I have become totally obsessed with jewelry making and spend most nights with boxes of beads, chain, baubles and other things strewn across the kitchen bench.

It’s always nice to come back to Bubble…such a nice vibe about the place. A bit like coming home. I’m itching to do more digital collage so will hopefully have something new up in the next few weeks. I bought a nice MacBook Pro the other week and Photoshop runs like a dream now.

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