Melanie Dooley

McDowall, Australia

I have no training in art or design – everything I do is from teaching myself. Most times it works, but sometimes it doesn’t....

Busy with Jewelry Making

I am so loving making jewelry. I’ve been making a few more angel wing pendants, and have turned to charm bracelets.

I like the idea of putting together a whole lot of little trinkets to tell a story or create a mood or theme.

I find a lot of charm bracelets way too chunky and heavy and busy. I made my first one, for sale on my Etsy store, deliberately light and delicate. I aimed for a vintage/antique/old look and the first thing my boyfriend said when he was it was ‘it looks old, why did you do that?’ So I guess he won’t be buying one :-)

I have lots of themes in mind for more bracelets…it’s so much fun.

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