Anyone ever been asked to write their own epitaph? It’s an interesting exercise – contemplating your own mortality and how you want others to remember you. Anyway, I was asked to do so recently and came up with one I kinda liked – so I thought I’d share…
Ahem… The next thing I am about to share is my epitaph. Eeeehem….:

“The Friar suspected this life was all he would get. He determined to fill it just as full as he could.
He also suspected this life was all anyone would get – therefore the best you could do for a person is leave them feeling a little more alive. The worst you could do is rob them of life, either all at once or little bits at a time through gossip, bullying, abuse, ridicule or judgement.
He knows his only contribution to eternal Life is to add his thread to the tapestry Life is forever weaving. He hopes very much that thread is mostly gold.
The time has come for him to relax and sleep. In fact, he’ll relax so completely he’ll let his body crumble back to its component parts and dissolve into the world he loved to touch, see, hear, smell and taste. He could turn up in a flower you pick, a tree you lean on, a warm breeze on a late Spring evening or even a dog peeing on your leg…
Life is one gloriously, tragically, preciously short adventure.
Live it up.
Suck it up.
And when the time comes, give it up.”

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