Digital Photography Composition Tips

Guys, just wanna share a link with all of you… I was always eager to learn…
Interesting articles about Digital Photography Composition..
You can find here information about:

  • The Rule of Thirds
  • Working the Lines in Your Photography (how to use horizontal, vertical and diagonal lines)
  • Finding Fresh Angles to Shoot From
  • Photographing Children – Composition
  • Getting Horizons Horizontal
  • Getting Images Straight
  • Fill Your Frame
  • The Importance of Focal Points
  • Creating Active Space – Photographing Moving Subjects
  • Getting Backgrounds Right
  • Framing Your Shots
  • How to Use Converging Lines to Enhance Your Photography
  • 4 Rules of Composition for Landscape Photography
  • How to Break the ‘Rules’ of Photography

May be this will help someone to improve and develop the passion for photography we all share…
Photography Composition Tips


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