A storyteller and folk singer who loves writing and street photography. On stage there is just the voice and on the street there is just the camera. I don’t have any lights or other technology but I do have a huge love of human nature and a great deal of patience. With this combination of interests it seems wherever I go there is always a story in the making, spoken or visual…….

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The First Thing A Writer Must Do Is.........Find Another Income!!

I’ve moved back up the country again, returned to Auckland city. I couldn’t take it any longer living in the South Island’s Nelson. I’m a city boy at heart and spent half my life in London. Don’t get me wrong …stunning part of the country, lush vineyards, dramatic panorama, wonderful place to be if you’re a grape but otherwise far too quiet. There was nothing for me to do. Nothing in the way of …
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You Can't Have Everything ..............Where Would You Put It?

Having dinner with my rich English friends last month got me thinking again about the whole class structure I grew up in. New Zealand certainly has one but unlike the U.K. it’s not directly in your face. At their home in Bath they had tables you couldn’t put things on and cushions you wouldn’t dare sit on. Expensive ornaments were placed in back lit alcoves. These people had shelves with just on…
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You Know All These Years I’ve Been Eating With The Wrong Fingers…!!

David, my ex-pat London lawyer friend had a visit from his parents this week….. …….Lord and Lady something or other…… ‘Loads-a-Money’ I think……man have they got serious cash ……I once visited their huge mansion in Bath, England…. monstrous place, even their chauffeur has a chauffeur. They’ve got glass hand bells for summoning servants and sporting trophies in a cabinet. / He says to me “my paren…
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Laugh… I Nearly Did!!…………..

I got attacked by a dog a few days ago. It came out of nowhere this thing snarling and growling. Not sure what it was …. Some psychopathic pit-bull Chihuahua…… / Readers Digest Book of Handy Hints says “ Once the attack has commenced use anything on your person as a weapon” ….I only had a Bic biro … what was I supposed to do …. Write on it?! (Please f**k off) / The owner came sloping along …
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