Venice and beyond

Here we are at last in Florence.
Were going on a city walking tour today and to a local country tour tomorrow.

Venice was amazing and great for me, sunny|

You will no doubt be pleased that I got app 400 photos of Venice, looking along canals by the dozen and lots of shots of old buildings with great reflections, sort of front views. Venice is truly a very paintable city, as far as I am concerned, just all water, old lovely buildings and reflections with quite a few boats thrown in.

We actually went on a gondola, not a bona fide ride costing 80 euros each, but on a ferry that crossed the grand canal rowed, or is it sculled, by two gondoliers in the striped jerseys.

Today, for the first time in all this holiday, its cloudy, I will take photos, of course, but I prefer ones with sun in, so much more cheerful, and especially for painting.

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