Here we are in New York

Hi everybody.
First I must thank you for your kind comments and replies to my last journal entry.
Also to the faves.

The wedding in Las Vegas went off really well. There were 30 of us from the UK and Oz. We had a private room at the Venetian Hotel after a very nice ceremony at the Little Church of the West. I must say, the registrar looked very surprised that there were so many people there and all dressed up. He exceeded himself and made a fine little speech. We got a whole 6 and a half minutes!

Lovely to see our flower so happy and such a nice husband.

Then we came on to NY. How huge, how vibrant, so many people, so tall. so so tiring!
We have done the bus tour around the city, I kept falling asleep, even though we were on the top of the bus with a tour guide yelling through a microphone!
This moring we joined the huge queue and went up the Empire State building and then went and sat in Central park where, yup, I fell asleep.
My body thinks it is night time still and I wake up at night, which is good because, tonight we’re going to see the Lion King which we missed in Sydney.

Tomorrow, some more touring then we are off to Fredericksburg, some friends live there, it’s near Washington.

I will keep in touch.

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