Lost an image? Now you can retrieve your upload from RB.

This wish was on the RB bucket list: to retrieve your original uploaded image from RedBubble, when you lose it on your system

Now it is “completed”. Bravo to RedBubble!

Mel Brackstone announced it in her journal today. That’s how I found out we got our wish.

Let’s pass this around!

I had to retrieve one of my own; so I took some screenshots in 4 different browsers to illustrate how to do this.

How To

NOTE: RB has updated the method since this post.
Please click this to see the comment, below, where I have posted two updated screenshots.

  1. You know the ol’ right click (or control-click if you use the keyboard)…
  2. Go to the edit screen in RedBubble for your image
  3. At the top right, see the link to your original upload xxxx.jpg or xxxx.png
  4. In the illustrations, below, the link says “Consolidation.png”
  5. Rt-click or control click that link, hold your mouse down, and a
    “contextual menu will come up”.
  6. Select the item on the menu, per the illustration below, for your particular browser.

Here is how those menus appear. See the mouse cursor in the illustration.
Each browser has a unique contextual menu.
Whatever it points to in the illustrated browser, is what you will select, for that browser.

FIREFOX – rt- or control-click image link, select “Save Link As”

CHROME – rt- or control-click image link, select “Save Link As”

SAFARI – rt- or control-click image link, select “Download Linked File As”

OPERA – rt- or control-click image link, select “Save Linked Content As”

Internet Explorer, I don’t have, so there’s no screenshot.

If you’re not a fan of contextual menus, you can always just:

  1. rt- or control-click the image link and not hold down the mouse.
  2. You will link to the image url on redbubble’s storage space on amazon.
  3. Simply click and drag the image onto your desktop or into your preferred folder from there.

Thanks, RedBubble!

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