Inside Solo vol 12 magazine released

#Inside Solo, vol 12 released


or… visit it on RB @ Inside Solo, vol 12 – RB exclusive edition

Solo Exhibition is hosting a huge Group Host Bonanza in January. Participating groups, so far, are listed on the back covers of each issue, vol. 10-12, PDF versions. Group names are each linked back to their respective group page on RB.

See announcement inside the issue on how to be a part of this, if you’re a Solo member and host or co-host a group!

Here’s a shot of the back cover for this week’s vol 12 pdf issue:

Congrats to the artists and writers contributing to this issue!
And many thanks for reading.

Journal Comments

  • Valerie Anne Kelly
  • F.A. Moore
  • Vasile Stan
  • coppertrees
  • F.A. Moore
  • Sam Dantone
  • F.A. Moore
  • Ruth Palmer
  • F.A. Moore
  • Ingrid Beddoes
  • F.A. Moore
  • linaji
  • F.A. Moore
  • F.A. Moore