How to Set Up a Host-Only Forum in 4 Steps and Use it to Test Formatting

How to set up a Host-Only Forum in 4 Easy Steps…
AND Use it to Test Formatting
by F.A. Moore

  1. 1. Click on the forums link at the top of your group profile page.
  2. 2. Scroll to the base of the page, left, below the red “Search the Forums” button. and click the link, Create New Forum.
  3. 3. Check the checkbox for Host Only.
  4. 4. Save!

That’s it! Now all new topics inside that forum can be read and commented only by the host and co-hosts.


Markup in Red Bubble is always somewhat trial and error. The slightest error will cause a halfway complex format to go awry. Use a host-only-forum topic for testing formatting.

A host-only forum topic is a convenient editing tool, as it turns out!

I use a topic in my “TEST TEST TEST” host-only forum to paste tests for Feature tables (past features that I’m archiving) and for Solo Exhibition magazine, Inside Solo. In fact, I compose in TextWrangler (Bare Bones Software – makers of BBEdit for Mac) and go back and forth in “Test1” (the topic name), pasting, as I compose.

The edit link under your host icon on the left side is your eraser. Don’t like something? Just click it, go in and change it. When I’m ready for the next major feature to test, I erase the old one entirely. No need to start a new topic. I use the “Test1” topic in the host-only forum over and over.

P.S. This journal entry was tested there too! (see below)

As you can see, I tweaked it some after this screen capture.

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