Thank you all for...

My first blog entry ever. Not all that comfortable with this, but here goes. First and foremost I wish to thank everyone who has commented on my images. I am just blown away by the response by everyone. Like most of us we are driven to produce and regardless of anyone else we have to fill a need to keep searching to arrive at the perfect (at least what we believe) image. In my case I would love to take the perfect photo and I guess that is one of the major reasons why I turned to photoshop as it is a way in which I can contrive to perfect what I strive for. I guess that will never happen either as what I like or love today, tomorrow I look at it and go Pfffft!
What photography and photoshop has done for me, is allow me to project my emotions and feelings and along the way it brings me joy when someone else loves one of my images.

Once again I thank you all for making me feel so welcome to this community @ RB.


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