Off to Hollywood Again!

Hello all!

It’s 2013 ALREADY?! My goodness. How did that happen?! Heheheh.

2012 was a whirlwind year, and this year is starting off with a bang too! I’ll be in Hollywood for five days next week, working on some details regarding my children’s book, and also working on some green screen backgrounds for my first foray into video work! I’m creating some fantasy backdrops for my awesome co-conspirator in all things creative… Chris Dane Owens!

More puzzles are coming out through MEGA Puzzles, some of which are already in stores now. And I have more merchandising announcements to make very soon! Since I’ve finished my book, I finally have a bit more time to work on more ‘one-off’ artwork that I hope to start posting here ASAP. There’s been so much inspiration lately, I’m overflowing with ideas!

Thanks to all of you who keep checking back here even though I’ve been sparse here lately. I truly appreciate it all! I hope to come back from Hollywood with a lot more stories to tell, and a lot of inspiration to share!!


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