Massive updates and goings-on in Foxfiresland!

Hello all!

It is only January, and this year is ramping up to be a really exciting year for me!

I am still going full throttle with my children’s book. The final stages of art are in progress now, and our goal is to have it in the publisher’s hands, signed sealed delivered, as of March.
And here is a little bit of information about my puzzle line! As of now, A Mad Tea Party completely sold out it’s printing run in all chain stores. Wow! Good news is, it is being rereleased in April at Fred Meyer, KMart, and WalMart Canada.

Butterfly Ball is currently for sale at the US WalMarts, WalMart Canada, Meijer, and KMart. It will also be listed from the main company on here shortly.

Craft and hobby shops also are a good place to check. They often have the ability to order something in if you know the title and the company (in this case, Mega Puzzles).

I am currently experimenting with hand embellishing some of my canvas prints. This is an ‘in progress’ shot of a canvas of my piece called Sister Moon.

I’ve started adding dozens upon dozens of tiny aurora borealis Swarovski crystals to the strands of stars woven throughout her hair, and dripping off of the moon. Pictures don’t do this any justice. I actually need to take some video of the way it already sparkles and shimmers, and I’m not even halfway done with it! As you can see in the middle picture, depending on the angle, the crystals change color from dazzling diamond, silvery green, to an opalscent pink! The picture is a bit darker than what the actual canvas looks like, as I was trying to capture as much ‘glitter’ as I could in the photo!

I will be selling these on eBay, and also showing them at some upcoming art shows.

Speaking of art shows, Norwescon 35 is coming up in April in Seattle! I have been honored to be asked to attend as a Pro, and will be on several panels throughout the convention! One will be a panel of successful autodidacts (self-taught professionals), talking about how they made it in the industry, another will be talking about inspiration and art block. There will be a few others, and so I hope if any of you will be in Seattle then, you’ll stop by and say hello! As always, I will be exhibiting and selling my artwork there as well.

There is a hot new restaurant opening up in downtown SOHO, New York during Fashion Week, and one of my works is going to be hanging in it, in a large scale format! Reverie has been printed on a 6 foot mural, and is going to be custom framed with an ornate black lacquer rococo frame. Rumor has it there will be a spread in the NY Times about it! Huzzah! As soon as I can reveal the name, I will announce it here.

Last but not least, I want to give a huge THANK YOU to everyone who has purchased my artwork here on RedBubble in the past year. You made this past December one of my most successful months to date! I adore when you send me notes, and I especially love seeing pictures of the art once you have it hanging in your house. That tickles me to no end. So thank you for supporting my artwork, and giving me inspiration to keep creating!

So those are the highlights! I’m sprinting to keep up with it all, and at the same time keep making artwork that comes to me when I’m inspired. I think I’m going to need new eyeballs by the end of the year! LOL


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