Calendar Sales - & Contest Reminder!!

Hey all!

Thank you SO MUCH to everyone who has placed orders during the past day! Calendars seem to be the ‘it’ purchase of the moment – and I’m thrilled! I truly hope all of you take pics of the calendars on your wall so I can see them!

And just a reminder – you have until tomorrow (November 12th) at 11:00 GMT to place an order, and you will be entered into a drawing to win a custom Endura Metallic print, mounted on styrene, and signed by me! And the best part? You get to request the image you want!! One lucky person will be drawn at random – while five others will receive custom embellished book marks featuring my artwork!

If you do place an order, make sure you EMAIL ME with your name, and what you ordered – so I can place you in the drawing! My email is:

This drawing is valid for ANY purchase – doesn’t have to be a calendar – it could be a greeting card or a print! Huzzah!

Big thanks once again – and have fun!!

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