Many Thanks, Features, and Sales

Hello all!

So it is that time where I look at my messages and wince at the fact that there have been so many lovely people taking time to comment and feature me here and there, and I’ve not yet been able to properly thank them. SO – here goes!!

Thank you RB and Rachel Leigh for featuring On the front page today!! AND Isa Rodriguez for featuring BIJOUX two days ago!

Thank you so much to this lovely group:

They have featured several of my works over the past couple of months, and I truly appreciate it! Such a fun group. Makes me smile every time I peruse the gallery!

And then there is Dream and Fantasy Art who have been so supportive of me as well! Thank you!

As well as Designers United
Squirrels and Chipmunks and
African Art and Photography

And then there is the lovely Sharon Mau and VAVoom! Who has been a tremendous inspiration and supporter of my artwork, thank you!!

Thank you all from the bottom of my heart!

And now on to the sales! I hope people don’t mind if I just group it all in an update page now and then, and shower you with my unflailing affection that way. :D I am always so amazed at the wonderful support I’ve received through RedBubble – and everyone who has purchased my work, whether RedBubble members or not – have been pleased as punch with the superior quality of RedBubble’s merchandise. So thank you to everyone involved, even YOU – ya know – guy who handles the shrink wrap? Big hugs to you too.

So, thank you to the known entities who made purchases in the past two months!
Michael Mathews and Bdazzled and IDGARA for buying a calendar!
Amber Wutzler for buying the canvas print of “Treasure Hunt”!
Alexandra Felgate For buying a card of Splendiferous!
FresianCow for buying a card of Secret Harbor!
Barbara Ellen for buying a poster of “Endless”!
StoneandStar for the t-shirt!

And then many thanks to the anonymous folks who purchased:
Laminate + 3 canvasses
three t-shirts
7 calendars
Greeting card + Poster
Greeting Card
Greeting Card + 3 canvas prints
Poster + Canvas
Greeting Cards

I know I’ve forgotten something or someone in there, but HUGE BIG HUGS TO YOU ALL!!!!!

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