The Seven Day Digital Art Collage Smackdown!!

So the past month has been a riot of art. Yes, I said a riot of art! Although it might not look like it now, what with the lack of new posts here on dA…I have actually been in the midst of an artistic smackdown – of the best kind. I am just finishing up a seven day whirlwind of creating, which has yeilded one new piece of artwork each day! But the best part is… I wasn’t alone! In fact, a gauntlet was thrown, a challenge was made, and I jumped in, Wacom sword a swingin’!!!

So what is all this mumbo-jumbo I’m rambling on about? Well, let me quote Angi, the brains behind the smackdown…and let her explain how it all came about:

Quoted from the journal of Angi Sullins
“So I’m playing in my collage journal the other day, just placing things this way and that on acrylic-painted Fabriano paper, and I get in a groove. Something manifests that I like. Really like. But I’m thinking “G-yod, I wish I had some Photoshop skills. What could this piece become if I knew my way around alpha channels, masking tools and clone stamps?”


So I look up from my desk to gaze at my gorgeous husband Silas, who is, (guess what?) a Photoshop guru. Now I’ve been with this guy for six years and if I haven’t learned Photoshop yet, I ain’t gonna learn it. It’s my own lazy fault, ’cuz Silas has been a professional Photoshop teacher since 1997. But marrying a digital art guru has its perks. “Hey! Wanna challenge?”

And thus it begins. Silas takes my journal, scans in my image and starts playing. An hour into it, I’m so excited by what I see on his screen my brain begins inspiration-reeling with ideas. “Wonder what Aimee would do with this same image?” Aimee is a dear friend and also a highly skilled digital artist in the Duirwaigh crew. So I jump onto my chat program: “Hey Aimee! We’ve started a collage project and want to challenge you to participate. Did you just hear that? It was the sound of the gauntlet falling to the floor. Pick it up or die of shame.”

And with those words, the SEVEN DAY DIGITAL COLLAGE SMACKDOWN was born. Well, to be perfectly clear, it didn’t start as a seven day smackdown, but we all liked what we did so much we just kept going. The rules? Each duelist was given a physical mixed-media collage and had one day to shape, mold, stretch, chisel, whittle, arrange, rearrange or derange said piece. Other than the time limit, and the fact that each artist had to use my physical collage as the basis of their work, there really were no limitations. It was like that scene in the movie Grease, when Danny Zuko shows up to drag race that creepy pock-mark faced guy in the souped-up black car with the flames on it? He turns to Danny and says with a snarl: “One rule. There are no rules.”

That pretty much sums it up. ‘Cept we weren’t snarling. Not really. Well, maybe a little. But we were smilin’ too."

Aimee Stewart

Here is Silas’ version:

And here is Angi’s original art collage that we worked from:

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