Exciting news regarding Tree Free Greeting Cards!

Hello all!

Well the old year is either ending with a bang – or the new one is starting with a bang! lol Either way, after many months of very hard work, and lots of new art (much of which has not been seen here) I can finally sit back and celebrate! Tree-Free Greeting Cards is ready to roll out their 2009 line of cards, and 16 of my images are among them! I am thrilled beyond belief.

I saw the pdf file a couple of nights ago, which will be sent to all their distributors, and was floored that I actually recieved a feature page! They have also decided to include two journals, and two canvas prints with my images on them!

I certainly could not have done any of this without my agent, Angi Sullins – who has helped me traverse the often scary and intimidating world of publication. So HUGE thanks to her, as well as her partner Silas Toball- for all that they’ve done for me.

So check your local greeting card stores, specialty shops, book stores, new age shops for Tree Free Cards! Chances are, you’ll find something of mine there now too, as well as many other fantastic artists published through them. :D


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