Hello all!

October rushed by in a swirl of lovely colored leaves and chilly winds. I spent ten days in Taos, New Mexico – delving into a series of cards for Tree Free Cards. I also wrapped up a new tutorial for Issue 51 of Advanced Photoshop Magazine which should be coming out in about a month (for the European market… probably a month later for the U.S. market).

So needless to say, I find myself having a lot of catching up to do here on RedBubble! So, I am taking a bit of time to post some old work of mine here today, including a series I am so proud of, called the “Time” series. And trust me, when these are printed…the detail really pops. They are the first pieces of my own artwork that I paid full price to have the best prints made, to hang on my own wall. :D They are also probably some of the most personal pieces of art I’ve ever created. So I hope you will enjoy them. :D

Thanks for stopping by!!

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