I survived. Rather, I should say ‘we’ survived… the previous two weeks of family and a wedding. 11 family members at my house, including three teenage girls, an almost two year old baby boy, and mayhem galore, followed up by a trek to Seattle to enjoy the fabulous garden wedding of my niece. Add to this mix the fact that I was also finishing up a CD Cover, an interview with Advanced Photoshop Magazine on work flow, as well as creating several huge new art pieces to be licensed as puzzles… yeah, you could say it was busy with a capital B!!

I’ve been in a virtual coma since everyone left on Sunday. I think I’ve slept more in the past 72 hours than in the past 2 weeks combined. Hopefully by tomorrow morning my brain will stop buzzing, and I’ll be able to dive back into my projects for Duirwaigh Gallery!

So, all 2.4 of you who still check this out, tell me what’s new! Or don’t. It’s summer – you should be outside running through sprinklers and sucking down popsicles like there’s no tomorrow!

Oh, and if you are wondering what the title to this post means… after 5+ hours of playing Rock Band with the nieces and nephews, I can officially say I ROCK at singing Ballroom Blitz. “OOOooooohhhYYYYEEEAAHHand the man in the back said ‘everyone attack’ and it turned into a ballroom blitz…ballllllroom blitz!!!!”

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