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I have been with redbubble for a few month, but am reluctant to add any more pictures, until redbubble have found a solution to stop anyone from downloading images without prior authorisation from the owner.

In fact it is so easy, by a mere click of the right mouse button, the image can be downloaded to the hard drive of a PC. The watermark is easily cropped out or removed.

I could understand redbubble, if protecting the images of its members is so difficult, but “www.betterphoto.com” have found a good solution.

Apart from a very clear watermark, they have also hard coded so that rih clicking and then copying is possible.

Why can redbubble not do the same???

After all many people are not just here to exhibit their work, but actually make some sales. If visitors can easily lift any image form any member, why should they pay for it?

In any case it is not just in the interest of the members but of the redbubble management too, as there earnings actually come from the sales of cards, prints, pictures and t-shirts.

If we all wrote to redbubble support, maybe we get some results.

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