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Dear all

Some of you may have seen the Journal and Petition by Gene Praag: , who is making us aware of the BML Bureau of Land Management decision to cull American Wild Horses.

My personal view is that outside the USA, the American wild horses are synonymous to the USA , more so than the Golden Eagle.

I will not dwell on this too much as Gene Praag has already written about it, but you may wish to support the cause by signing the petition letter on the link in Gene Praags journal or click below.

It would be great if you could support this cause and perhaps you wish to add the logo and link to your red bubble profile. here is the code. Please ensure that there is no space between ! and the next character or : and the next character.

! http://dingo.care2.com/c2p/defenders/wildhorses...! SAVE THE WILD HORSES ": http://www.thepetitionsite.com/takeaction/26604...

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Thanks everyone on behalf of the Wild Horses of America.

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