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First I would like to say Thank you to Redbubble for this web site. And by being able to show my photos to the world. I hope to receive tips and ideas on how I can take better photos. As most can tell from the photos I have uploaded my Family and self enjoy the outdoors, but I do enjoy doing Portraits also. I hope over the next few weeks to be adding a lot of my Images, and welcome all comments. I don’t if I can help with tips on taking better photos because as I look at others photo I see that they are so much better than I could do.I would like to share a little about me growing up, as small boy I remember going into my grandfather’s darkroom and him running me out not because I was in the way but because of the chemicals that was used. and all the time that I would sit for him in the studio as he do his photo magic. he passed away in 1988. How I miss, him in my eyes he was the greatest man I have known. I hope to be only half as good as he was.

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