To the two guys who stole my Canon EOS 70D, fitted with a 18-135 EFS IS Canon lens, and my Manfrotto tripod on 2 Dec 2014 just outside Chinatown/North Beach in San Francisco. I understand it’s the holidays. I understand there’s many who don’t enjoy the bright lights as others do. I am not rich. It takes me years to pay off some of my photography equipment. That 70D you just stole from me? Though I don’t have it any longer, I’ll be still paying for it for at least another year.

On my tripod is a sticker with http://WWW.FOTOTAKER.NET on the leg of the tripod. I hope you enjoyed seeing my images which is my Vision of how I see the World. By luck, a police officer was around the corner that night so I gave him all the details of the theft. I’ve reported my equipment as stolen at my online equipment register. If you or anyone else takes a picture with my lens OR camera, I’ll be notified that it’s been used. If you sell my equipment you took, anyone who uses it will be eventually contacted by the police and questioned to find out WHERE they obtained it.

My gear serial numbers:
Canon EOS 70D s/n 022021020644
Canon EFS 18-135mm f/3.5-5.6 IS s/n 5602006343

SFPD case 141017879 refers to this theft, so if ANYONE has information about this theft, please contact the SFPD at their non-emergency number 415-553-0123 and advise them you have info about this case. If YOU are the one(s) who took my camera equipment, I ask that you be considerate and return all that you took to any SFPD police station, no questions asked. I’ll happily be paying for a camera that is again in my possession. Regardless of your actions: I wish you a happy Holiday to you and your family.****


For over two years of my Life, I was in San Francisco and one of the few brave souls who ventured out in hat, sun, fog and rain to photograph LOTs of the practice-sails and leadup to the 34th America’s Cup in San Francisco. Those images of America’s Cup are still here.

NOW available are America’s Cup calendars! These are available at and within a week hope to have more as I review a “few” more pixs.

I am NOW a married artistic freelance San Francisco-born photographer with 40+ years experience behind many viewfinders. For the moment I am calling western New York state and Rota, Spain as my home(s). I’d like to think my imagery is unique as I see a different shade of “gray” or color. What I adore capturing are details, objects and go wild over reflections and lines. Though I see in many colors, black and white is still my primary ViSion. My many subjects include architecture, landscapes, sunsets, flora (acHoooo), cityscapes, portraits and even landscapes of the human body…. I’ve also had the extreme honor of photographing the beauty of bodies that have been aged well past 60 years young, to newborn babies and challenged with bodies as vast as a meadow of individuals weighing over 300lbs, or with as little as 100lbs. To me it doesn’t matter, as i love ALL landscapes of the human body.

There is no specific area I dedicate my Vision to – I remain in awe of any and everything. About 99% of my imagery is straight out of the camera. If I add an “effect” it’s usually pre-visualized and entails perhaps removing an annoying STOP sign or cables, or making a Black and White image with selective coloring – that’s about it. I believe in traditional photography with very little added or done to it. That doesn’t mean I do not like digital images that are heavy in HDR and/or effects; it’s just not my game or style. I’m a simple guy and like simple things, dat’s all… ;-)

I still have a A2000 Amiga computer with a Video Toaster within, and my 37+ year old black and white darkroom equipment. :-) I now enjoy using a Canon EOS 7D with a variety of lenses, but everyone knows it’s not the equipment but how it’s used… I love the fog, the snow, the heat and the wind…. I will snap in the rain and the chill, and often stay out hours after the sun has disappeared to snap at night, often without benefit of a tripod though I do have one.

I enjoy music in many styles: C&W, spanish, chill and just regular ballads and folk/pop music. If you thought rap sounds bad, listen to it in another language!! I cook and love preparing american, chinese and spanish foods, and enjoy traveling, driving (with a manual shift, though am stuck with an automatic), eating in or out, and enjoy spanish as well as other wines.

Seemingly a world-traveler during my film-days, I have now lived in SW Andalucia for 16+ years and now travel on an irregular basis between Cadiz province and San Francisco. I am now trying to move my life-stuff from SF back to Spain. When I am not sorting through my thousands of image files and organizing and archiving those, I am busy packing and repacking, trying to get my Life back to Andalucia; if I do not view your lovely images or reply to your kind comments here, trust that it’s not because I do not want but due to lack of time and energy. Once I get resettled in Spain, I’ll still be up to my elbows in boxes but might have more time to see your imagery (unless I’m on a trip somewhere snapping pixs in the fog or high winds!

I’m most happy to talk with other artists and photographers ~ please refrain from using ONLY RBmail and email me directly please: fototaker @t gmail dot com

I am always available for photographic commissions throughout the year no matter my location (Niagara Falls area, Western New York [WNY] USA and/or Cadiz province, southwestern Spain). I of course have a passport, am experienced and very interested in travel, expedition and adventure proposals, or if you and your group just need a photographer to just snap everyone in a group without the million exchanging of everyone’s cameras – I have done it and can capture the excitement, the sights, and the many unique travel memories of your travels or your group’s adventures! Just contact me for details!

You can own a “piece” of me and my thoughts for just a few smackers to support my Vision and Arte. A sale is many things to me:
~ a compliment to me by you of how I see the World and its wondrous scenes,
~ a statement that you like my work enough to purchase is an honor that somewhere on this real-world planet someone will be, and is enjoying my Vision, and most of all,
~ your kind purchase encourages me to create more fabulous images not just for myself, but for You.

All imagery with words upon them are also copyright Words written are the property of fototaker’s mind and cannot be displayed elsewhere, written or copied, used in part or whole, excluding reviews in which I should be advised prior to its publication, and provided a hard copy. All displayed imagery are owned by and cannot be copied or otherwise used in any type of medium without my express written permission. Please respect these copyright rules or I’ll have to snitch on you and send a platoon of angry but armed Marines to your living room or work-space.

I am also party to a growing group/organization of fellow photographers who assist each other in discovering misuse of OUR collective imagery. When we see an image of “ours” used somewhere with someone else’s name on it, or in a site WE wouldn’t dare call home to OUR images, we report it to the photographer, plus the authorities. It’s actually quite easier than you think. Unfortunately it’s sad to see how people think it’s perfectly legal and okay to copy a picture or two, put it elsewhere and even under their own names as the artist/photographer. Doing so is just like any other crime virtually or real-world: it’s NOT okay.

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It's still windy in San Francisco

I’ve been back from Spain almost three months and it’s been gusty windy cold about 96% of the time I’ve been back!! I have a lot of ideas I’d like to complete IF this crazy wind would quit! Today the forecast wind exceeds 15mph!! / I’d like to thank the many people who continue purchasing my imagery here, to the tune of over 300 sales now. I only wish I could thank y…
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More RB sales

Hello and how is everyone? I am STILL amazed how I ONLY upload new images to Smugmug but my RB still gets sales, and seemingly: a lot! My RB sales count now totals 130 thanks to three new sales within the last four days. I advertise ONLY my SM site using my domain but only provide a link to my calendars and not my images remaining at RB. Crazy!! To all thanks for your support, and i…
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Thanks Once Again

I am up to 227 total sales in RedBubble even though I am not active here anymore, having moved a good majority of my work to SmugMug, where all of my most recent and newest work plus those final races of the 34th America’s Cup of San Francisco are posted. / A heart-felt thanks to all supporting me through your valuable time viewing my imagery, taking the time to comment on what you like (o…
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Another work sold

Thanks to my unknown buyer of one of my calendars. I DO appreciate it much and am honored by your selection and thoughtfulness. I hope having this calendar brings you a year of happiness and joy. / To date, this sale adds another to the grand total of 217 works of my galleries here. Thanks to everyone who visits my galleries, and I hope what you see wows you, excites you, and incites you to …
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