u dat nigga…
got us open 2 wuteva
got da map 2 our treasure
fillin us with erotic pleasures.
u dat nigga…
can cum get it wheneva.
got us sweatin’,
tryin’ 2 catch our breath, b4 we take another step.
dat nigga…
got my mind paralyzed,
on dem eyes cuz they neva lie.
dat nigga…
we want 2 be stuck 2,
sumthin like glue
on a stamp
sumthin like the lady & the tramp
beauty & the beast
naw..more like
luv & peace.
dont u know?
u dat nigga…
got me runnin home,
just 2 be alone
left 2 wonder about,
dat nigga…
& how he got me waitin’ by da phone,
checkin 4 his calls,
pacin up & down da halls.
thinkin bout
dat nigga….
pinnin us up against da wall.
thinkin bout
dat nigga…
hittin & tearin down our walls.
dat nigga
got us standin tall
hiz hands rest on my back so we dont fall
dat nigga…
think we runnin game
think we wont claim hiz name
actin like im a regular dame, like we all da same
its a damn shame cuz dat nigga dont know
dat nigga dont know…
just how far we bout 2 go,
just 2 c him.
2 look into hiz eyes, cuz they neva lie.
dat nigga…got us paralyzed,
on dat nigga…
like a finger on da trigga
cant slip
gotta keep a tight grip
cant lose focus
dat nigga needs 2 know this.
can u tell dat nigga,
he got us hooked.
u know dat nigga
find em & tell em
my eyes dont lie…tell dat nigga
how my heart cries,
wen he aint around…tell dat nigga
how we’re dyin inside,
cuz he aint in town…
how my soul tries 2 reach him,
& teach him
from miles away.
matter of fact…
ask dat nigga how he got us dis way…
open 2 wuteva,
givin up our treasure,
fillin us wit pleasure.
baby, u dat nigga…
got us paralyzed,
on dem eyes.
dont u know
U Dat Nigga.

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