he came to me an Angel in disguise
though it was no surprise
always felt he was gifted, had that look in his eyes.
so calm and gentle
reminding me of the oceans breeze
his melodic flow driftin from those lips with such ease.
not only was he here to please…
my minds hunger for mental stimulation
he opened my eyes to the greatest revalations…
standing before me.
the ones i couldnt see
i had been blinded by the folks who didnt appreciate me.
he came to me
in an instant
with no motive other than
to be who he be…
and to set me free.
i surrender
becuz i seek his truth
his wisdom
his passion
his l.o.v.e.
had to be sent from above
he possess all that i prayed for
God sent him to knock on my door
and wipe my tears..
destroy my fears.
he came to me
in an instant
shining da brightest light upon me
repairing my broken wings
aiding me in flight
cushioning my landing
i fear nothing
no one
with him by my side.
my angel in disguise….
i can see him for who he really is
no mask.
naked and beautiful.
i can see him.
he came to me in an instant
the answer to my prayer
he heard my cries
was forced to wear a disguise
so i wouldnt run away..
afraid of who he was.
revealed himself slowly,
with such ease
like the winds breeze.
he came to me
in an instant.

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