A feeling that I’ve never felt
So strong, deep, passionate and complete
I thought I knew what it meant to Love,
But it was just preparation for the real thing..
The true blessing from above
Understanding it seems impossible, as love has no limit
I even tried to run from it
Hoping the pain would diminish
Love kept up the pace with my minds desperate sprint
God kept sending me subtle hints
There’s no escape, no hiding place
I had to stand tall and look love in it’s face
Feel it’s bliss, it’s pain, it’s hunger and desire
Feel it’s burning flames and walk through it’s fire
Now I stand here, In Love…
The seeds been planted but not able to grow
The planter has ceased it’s nourishment for reasons I don’t know
The flowers are wilting and the stems hanging low
But the root remains strong.
Love was planted so deep it will never die
I keep it alive with the liquid that pours from my eyes
My souls helpless cry provides the rhythm as
Love dances in my heart
Our spirits just refuse to part.
I close my eyes and see them playing
In the fields of love, joy, and happiness
So full of bliss
My mind reminds them of their selfishness
Trying to destroy their fantasy and
Force them to see the reality
But they laugh at the attempt to deceive
You can’t take away what God said is to be
He loving she and she loving he
So what am I to do?
Dismiss the fact that I’m In Love with you?
I tried and it failed…Love prevailed
And I’m left lying here with this feeling I’ve never felt
So strong, deep, passionate
Waiting to be nourished and fed once again
Longing for our reality to begin.

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