Dave Sandersfeld

Dayville, United States

Dave Sandersfeld start his career in 1970 as a US Forest Service “Wilderness Ranger” in the Frank Church/River of No Return...

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In politics, it helps to have a long perspective to see long-term trends.

For example, here in America, I take you back to the turbulent presidential election of 1860.

Back then, the two prevalent political parties in America were the “Whigs” representing the Northern Wealthy industrialists and the “Democrats” representing wealthy Southern plantation owners who were “pro-slavery”! Back then, America was only an eastern half of the modern USA – going to the Pacific Ocean now.

Anyway, Abraham Lincoln started a new political party called “republicans” and they campaigned for issues dear to the working class of Americans. Not surprising, Abraham Lincoln won the popular vote that year!

America soon fought a very bloody war known as the “Civil War” over the issue of “slavery’ in America. The slavers lost. And slavery was banned from America that day in 1865 forward.

We Americans still have not settle the “WHIG” – question if northern wealthy industrialists have the right to enslave the working class and all our environmental natural resources. They have quietly expanded their political control now through out our world in the form of “International Conglomerate-Corporations”.

Bush was not elected in 2000; but the U.S. Supreme Court gave Bush the presidency during a long-term bout of voter fraud confusion. Bush represents the old Whig party interests!

Rather than trash Americans; pray for Americans, whom 76% say NOW the country is going in the wrong direction in recent polls.

There are mere hundreds of Bush-Whig politicians out there today; so I hope we Americans can finally, collectively & peacefully vote out or dispose of this long-term radical lunatic fringe from politics in America this next election in 13 months – un- like we did with American Slave owners back in 1860s violently!

If we Americans can get these wealthy, self-centered idiots away from the cash reserves of America, the World will begin to be a freer place tomorrow. You’ll still have to contend with wealthy bigots in your country; but northern American wealthy banker- backers will hopefully disappear like the dinosaurs! Stay tuned and stay active where ever you live on Earth. I am shooting for the proverbial PEACE ON EARTH every child in the world expects and wants to grow up in!

PS. Becoming tearful or depressed is what these bankers want; so you’ll give up the fight for humanity!

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