Tell me what you think... Shopping for Art Supplies

On my birthday I decided to treat myself and get some art supplies. And I went into the Shop and asked if they had any Iridescent or Interference Oils in stock. The woman I was speaking with was trying to help as much as possible but her boss was just a bitch.

And when I went to buy my stuff. She just said to me in a rude way
“You don’t look like a oils girl, you look like you use acrylics.”

I felt so violated.

Considering I was forking out $50 on art supplies I felt like she should have been like “It’s great we have a special on these brands at the moment”.

And she thought I was pulling her leg about it.

If anyone out there can give me a Web link to somewhere I can buy Iridescent oil paints Online I would really appreiciate it.

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