One Tiny Speck

One Tiny Speck

I sit in solitude and gaze at the sky, and look around and wonder why?A shadow appears from nowhere; suspended there in a cloudless sky.

I see a sunset and reflect on Jupiter and Mars,

the sunset, the moon, a myriad stars.

The ocean and the ceaseless tide and of the day my father died.

I plant a tiny seed and watch as it bursts shiny leaves and buds from the earth.

Bearing fruit with more seeds to sow, all eager and waiting to grow.

A chicken lays an egg and from that egg another chick,

All happening so fast; so very quick.

Millions of fish, playing, darting; so very alive,

But not all of them will survive.

Rain, lightening, thunder; a hot sun that melts the snow,

and all that water makes that tiny seed grow.

Four seasons for different things,

The Earth gives us diamonds for diamond rings.

Land providing gold if we dig. Oceans thrusting up oil to a rig.

Earthquakes, volcanoes, such huge devastation,

That can cause the disappearance of a whole nation.

The beauty of a rain forest; insects and snails,

Waiting scorpions with death in their tails.

The desert ~ home for the camel that doesn’t need water.

The love of a mother for her daughter.

Amongst all of this is the smallest speck of sand,

an incredible speck. A thing called man!

A child conceived from love to live and grow,

forever in search of the answers for things he doesn’t know.

That child grows to man and finds love, weds for better or worse,

united by love, now two tiny specks on the universe.

Some achieve greatness; some achieve fame, but no two specks are ever the same.

Some born strong. Others born weak. Some find love. Some filled with hate.

Some have compassion. Some blessed with patience – others can’t wait.

He lives! He will die! And all throughout his life he wonders why?

Yet regardless of love, and regardless of hate.

Of one thing I am certain,

Out there somewhere ~ there is something Great.

That something makes me feel so tiny.

Once I wondered if I was a man who thought he was a butterfly

Now I know I am a butterfly who thinks he is a man.

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