Lets see if you send it back

Lets see if you send it back.

One day when I was in High School, I saw a kid from my class walkinghome from school. I had never met him but I knew his name was Kyle. It looked like he was carrying home every single book he owned and I thought to myself why would
anyone be carrying so many books home on a Friday. Surely he could not read all of them in one weekend; he must be a real dork. Why should I care? I had quite a weekend planned with a party with Marilyn Snipes there and this time maybe I would get lucky with her. I had a football game planned with my friends and some surfing early Sunday morning.

As I was walking I saws a bunch of kids running towards him and they ran straight Into him knocking him over. His books scattered and his glasses went flying into the grass and even from where I was standing I could see the cracks in the dirt.
I looked at his face and I could see this terrible on his face and tears forming in his eyes. My heart went out to him so I jogged over and as he crawled around groping for his glasses, I could see more tears rolling down the side of his face. I picked up his glasses and handed them to him.

“Those guys a real jerks and have the compassion of a speed hump and the personality of a fruit bat trapped under a cattle grid. They should really get lives of their own. You can tell that they are cowards for bullies tend to travel in a group. Throw a rock into a pack of wild dogs and only one will bark the loudest.

“Hey thanks” he said and that was the first time there was a hint of a smile on his face. It was a smile that immediately spelt out the word “gratitude.”

I helped him pick up his books and asked him where he lived and as it turned out he actually lived just around the corner from me and I asked him how come I had never seen him around. He told me that he had been away in private school but was lonely and unhappy there so he came home to his family for family is where there are people you can rely on. I would never have hung out with someone that went to private school for they all seemed to suffer with delusions of grandeur with a silver spoon in their breast pocked as their finely pressed blazer.

All the way home we chatted and somehow there was something about Kyle that drew me to him; he was really likeable. There is something about someone when you first meet that you like and yes I liked him and wanted to spend more time with him and somehow I knew that from this tasteless first meeting, we would become friends

Monday morning came and there was Kyle with his huge stack of books again and as I joined up to him I said
“So that is why you carry all those books so you can build up some serious muscles and have a beautiful body like me.

“Ha, in your dreams” Kyle laughed

My hunch about becoming friends was not wrong for we arranged to meet next weekend and kick a football around with my friends who also liked him. Sunday we went surfing together and his skinny frame was full of surprises for he was a very

good surfer and never once did he lose his cracked glasses. I asked him how he could handle the surfboard so well and he told me that he had spent a lot of time alone and did a lot of practice.

’I like being out there in the tranquillity of my own company ane there is no one that can get into my head and bother me. I like my own company for when you think of it, you are the only friend you have since the day of your birth and you
will be with that friend right through to the day you die.”

Kyle would always have some philosophical saying to go with any situation and I would often go home and write these things in an exercise book that I had scribbled on the inside cover the words ’Perhaps when you wear glasses you can see better?” and then I had ruled a line through these words and replaces them with

“Your eyes don’t have to be open for you to see.”

Sometimes in my room I would think of Kyle and read some of his lines over and over and they became lines I used in my writings and essays and they also crept into my everyday speech and I would often cop a barrage from Kyle when he recognised something and he would say

“Stop using my lines you dick” and then he would laugh and sometimes turn serious and say ’thank you my friend. It is a compliment to me when you remember something I have said, and I do mean it when I say friend.”

Over the next four years Kyle and I not only became friends but also brothers and he would often stay overnight at our house where my parents treated him as another son. In our final year we began to think about our careers and I had decided on law at Southern Cross University and Kyle had decided on a career of Archaeology at the University in Brisbane and we were both glad because we wouldn’t be too far away from each other.

Kyle was the head of our class and won a Scholarship as an Honours student as well as being placed fifth in the State and I teased him about being a dork while he prepared his speech he was to deliver for graduation night. I was so proud to be his friend and was so glad that it was not me who had to stand up there in front of everyone and make a speech. As he stood up there he looked great. He was one of those guys who had really found himself in high school and looked so good as his body had transformed from a skinny twirp into one that any athletic would be proud of. The word “envy” had never been in my vocabulary but at this moment it almost did. He actually got more dates than I ever did and the boyish face of a young man looked so good in those tinted rimless glasses.

He stood In front of the microphone and cleared his throat and their was an air of confidence surrounding him.

“Graduation is a time to thank those who have helped you make it through these sometimes tough years. Your parents, your teachers, your siblings, maybe a coach ’

He deliberately paused then continued,‘but mostly your friends. I want to tell you all the meaning of friendship for when you die, if you die having one friend you are very fortunate, but if you die having more than one then you are probably lying. I am one of the lucky ones for I don’t have to lie about having a friend for being a friend to someone is the best gift you can give them.’

I was beginning to wonder where his speech was going and my heart missed a beat when he continued,

‘I am going to tell you a story.’ I could do nothing more than just look at my friend as he told the story of that first day we met, then for the first time he revealed to not only myself but to everyone else that he had been living in misery and bullied by the other kids at school who thought they were tough and how on that week end he had planned to take his own life; he had cleaned out his locker and was carrying all his books home so it would be one less thing for his mother to worry about. He looked long and hard at me and repeated that same smile that he gave me on theday we met; that smile filled with real gratitude.

‘Thankfully I was saved by a friend who saved me from the unspeakable, or to be more precise, the unthinkable. When I think back I realise that for even thinking of such a thing that I was the coward; a far bigger coward that those bullies who travelled in a pack and I shudder to think that I would have left a legacy for my mum and dad that I was the coward and if ever they looked up that word “coward” in the dictionary, there they would see my photograph.

I make a plea to all you young people out there that life itself is the most precious gift that you will ever have and it is a disrespectful act towards God for He loaned you to the Earth for a short holiday and therefore He alone has the right to take that gift back.’

I heard a gasp go through the crowd as Kyle told of his weakest moment and how proud I was feeling at that very moment when another of Kyle’s lines leapt from the pages of his book that I kept inside my head.

“Stand naked beside me on the edge of infinity

and let me see your soul.’

I don’t need the riches of diamonds or expensive stuff,

A touch, a wave, a smile, a simple “hello” is enough.

I saw his mum and his dad look over at me smiling that same grateful smile and not until that moment did I realise it’s depth and Kyle was about to hand me that realization.

‘Never underestimate the power of your actions for with one small gesture that costs you absolutely nothing, you can change a person’s life for the better.God put us all in each other’s lives to impact one another in some way.

Always look for the God in others

You have two choices for you can pass this onto your friends or you can delete it and act as though it did not touch your heart. You can see, I took choice number one. Friends are angels who lift us to our feet when our wings have trouble in remembering how to fly.’

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