Reflections from time

Reflections from Time.

Stand naked before me on the sign of infinity all ye of the Earth. With the granting of the law of prevention comes the application of change. I will give you the key. With this knowledge please realise that there comes with it the total responsibility of sharing it. It is so very simple and if you take my hand I will show you the way.

Before we start, let us sit up here for a moment and stare down into the valley while we share ourselves in a moment of silence. How beautiful it is just to sit and share silence with a friend. The valley is there below but it is hidden by thick white
morning fog slowly turning into mist. How unreal it looks and how eerie it feels! How can something so eerie be so beautiful? It is like a shroud of pure white fleece draped over a beautiful young naked sleeping virgin where can touch here or disturb
the look of serenity on her sleeping face.

Yes, we are standing naked on the edge of reality on the sign of infinity and as if in a dream of unreality from under the shroud of fleece, the valley is filled with sounds of cicadas drumming their solitary single monotone drone of tone and the tone of the drone is so flat that it heralds the soul of silence and becomes part of that silence. Listen to the silence and let us share it while we hang onto the key to the application of change and responsibility of sharing it; shared in our own silence.

The first rays of an orange red sun appear over the horizon as the sun tries to hide but alas it can not hide for it has a job to do and must first melt the mist while the cicadas are now joined by the croaking of a single frog. This same valley was once
the scene of a battle beneath that mist and the cicadas are the souls of the soldiers who are lying there in unmarked graves and that explains why they drone in a monotone drone and sound so loudly silent. Listen to the sounds of those silent soul coming from under the mist where there once was a battle.

The only time since the battle began it was fine at first light of the dawn of quiet light which rose up out of the valley like jacaranda flowers. The eastern sky was more profound than mauve or lilac and as the light strengthened the flowers moved into the west and were reflected on a thin blanket of mist that clothed the waters of the bay. The thick jungle pressed down on the copra plantations and the jacaranda mist veiled the jungle.

The sense of dreamtime that had permeated the battle was heightened but one could never quite comprehend the hushes and murmurs of war nor interpret the dream. Even yesterday, the sound of small arms in the distance broke the purity of the dawn. Today the serenity of the jacaranda envelopes the violence.

The shaft of thin rain now fell briefly over the distant jungle and plantations and were caught by the first sun rays of the day as they coloured the hue of time. The tired footsteps of weary soldiers were muted in the quiet soft light and on the hillock bright red flowers of the Poinciana trees were the same colour of silent blood. The battle had died and the soldiers now resting in unmarked braves while the cicadas moaned a silent monotone drone. Yes my friend, do you see the unreality of reality?

Do you see the reality of unreality? Do you understand it? Can you feel it? Sit with me in silence and you will do both.

At first the rain makes no sound as it comes down but

listen to it murmur when it hits the ground.

Be patient for constant dripping hollows out the

stone.If you wear a green branch on your heart,

after a while the song bird will come.

Throughout the universe there is an order in the movement of the planets in nature and in the function of the human mind. A mind that in it’s natural state of order in harmony with the universe for as a human being you are free to will what ever state of being you so desire through the use of your thoughts and your words.

Ah, there is great power there and it can be a blessing but it can also be a curse. It is entirely up to yourself for the quality of your life is brought about by the quality of your thinking. Think about that! Thoughts produce action. Look at what you are thinking and see the pettiness and the envy and the greed and the fear and all the other attitudes that can cause you pain and discomfort. Realise that the one thing you do have absolute control over is your attitude. See the effect that it has on those around you.

Each life is linked to all life and your words carry with them a chain reaction like a pebble thrown into a pond of water, creating ripples of love that flow and caress all those in the pool with you. They are like little waves but remember that little waves make up a big ocean. If you put your soul into something then after a while that something becomes your soul. You must always have a dream for while there is a dream there is hope. If you have no dream that how will it ever come true? Articulate your identity and know who you are for if you do not know then how are others expected to know you? If you want to speak in a language that others understand then first you must understand it yourself.

Life is beautiful waltz and if you want to dance to life’s music then first you must learn the steps. Have you ever seen someone who is trying dance and doesn’t know how. Have you ever listened to someone try to sing who is out of tune. Swans sing before they die.Twere no great shame if certain people died before they sang.

Yes learn these steps are the steps to emotional wealth.

Step one – self respect.

Love yourself and respect your body.

Step two – love your brothers.

Step three – care for all others

for when you learn how to care, you know how to love.

Think about that; caring is love.

Step four is balance and pace. Life is a waltz and not a race.

Do not be the hero for bravery has a memory of it’s own

and knows precisely what to do.

A hero fights for a cause and will die for it but

the mark of a mature man is one who fights for a cause

and lives for it.

If you spend all day staring out the window and watch the grass growing, one day someone will throw a rock through the window and you will have to get off your bum and pick up all the broken glass. Don’t just sit there and wait to see the light at
the end of the tunnel. It is far better if you run to the end and turn the bloody light on.

Remember, young puppies walk on the pavement.

Old dogs on the bitumen.

I am an old dog.

Articulate your own individuality and be an individual else you run the risk of becoming an odd couple on your own. Never travel in a pack like wild dogs for you throw a rock into a pack of wild dogs, only one will bark the loudest. If you truly want to change the world my fiend then you must change your thinking.

At some point in your life you must sit down on a rock and re-evaluate where you are going. Take stock take of yourself and research the information in hour head. Ask yourself “is this the way I want to live?” then listen for your answer.
If your answer is in the negative then you know what you have to do for there in your head you will find the answer.

In the movie Goodwill hunting, Robin Williams gave the world the answer. Listen!

The Answer.

Life exists – you are here.You are an “is” and one day you will be an “is not.” You are here to identify yourself and articulate your identity.Stand naked before the world and bear your soul;

Share your heart.

The powerful play goes on and you may contribute a verse.What will your verse be? Do you think you are the only orphan in the world? Does anybody know anything about you or how your life has been?Do you think I can profess to know because I have read Oliver Twist? Does that encapsulate you?I am fascinated – I am in.


I am passionate about Aboriginal history, traditions, culture and the Dreamtime which is not when you go to sleep and dream but the Dreamtime that explains creation and how every living thing came about. Dreamtime stories which were told to children and each story had some moral message or philosophy in a language which a child could understand. In our education system our history began when white man arrived and planted the flag but it makes no mention of the forty
thousand years of Australia before white man arrived. White man said that the black inhabitants were uncivilised and uneducated but believe me they had more Chritianity and sanity with no profanity that white man had in his fingernail.

If only we had bothered to learn from their culture and there is still time but nobody has the time for we are too busy living in our plastic push button credit card greedy society.Let us stop for a moment and go into the world of Aboriginal dreamtime and listenwhile an Elder tells a group of children a story which begins with ‘once upon a time.”

Extract from my novel ‘Goanna Tracks.’

“Once upon a time there was a big hairy frog who lived in a beautiful lily pond. One day the frog sat on a rock and asked itself “is this the way I want to live?” and it heard itself answer

“I don’t know, I am just a frog. what do frogs know? All we know is how to catch flies and how to croak all day and night. Reddit, reddit.”

Two pelicans who were flying overhead on a clear day and they looked down at the sun’s sparkling on the clear water and the frog sitting so contentedly on the rock and they decided that it would be a good place to live amongst those beautiful lilies, so they flew down and built their next beside the pond and spent all their days gliding peacefully on the pond. The frog welcomed the company for the pelicans looked so much at peace with nature and they kept to themselves

“after all, there is plenty of room for everyone.” he thought. The frog was a bit of a larrikin and really had no respect for the privacy of the pelicans and it would dive down under the water then come up just behind them and squirt water all over them. At first everyone laughed, even the pelicans but the frog just did not know when to quit and he kept doing this over and over until the pelicans got so annoyed that they
decided they would get their own back and play a trick on him

One day while the frog was quiet and asleep on his rock the pelicans scooped up all the water in the pond and flew up into the sky. when the frog awake he was stunned and scared for all that was left of his beautiful lily pond was a mud hole with sad wilting lilies lying there in the sloppy mud. The frog looked around then up into the sky and saw the pelicans smiling.

“You will be sorry for this you home wreckers” yelled the frog and picked up his boomerang and threw it at the front pelican and another and hit the other. The pelicans screamed and when they did so the water spurted out of their beaks and crashed to the ground and spread in all different directions creating a whole new and exciting water system with tributaries branching in all directions. you see Isaac, you too can create your own life’s systems with your own tributaries branching in all directions. you can flow under the ugly masses of the steel and concrete bridges of the man made city or along the desert edge where nothing lives except the waiting scorpions with death in
their tails.

You can flow through the rain forest where live all the endangered species and other spotted frogs. you can flow peacefully through a rich verdant valley where a magnificent shiny black stallion comes out of the hills and takes a sip of life from your heart. where a cat fish snaps at it’s nose while you shiver when you think of the man from snowy river and the colt that got away.

You can meander below the hinterland where a regal stag with it’s crown of antlers follows its spotted baby fawn down to the edge of your banks and they both refresh their souls with the pristine flow of your life or you can flow to a billabong where a
mother koala sits sleepily in a gum tree with her baby cub in her pouch as she chews on the gum leaves. Where the bell birds build their nest high up in the branches then gather each day on a branch and ring their aria of bells. where there are geckos and lizards and bees and wasps with stings and crows and kookaburras all with wings.

You know that all these creatures are the spirit ancestors children too and they were all put there with a special job to do. You can travel fast and hard or meander peaceably until you arrive at the coast and empty yourself into a huge ocean of the universe where a myriad fish dart and play, wherein lives a whale who grew so old, it decomposed to be eaten by some fishes that darted and played.

Sure there will be times that the storms and cyclones empty their downpours into your soul and fill your heart so full that your banks will burst and you will overflow causing havoc and destruction to everything in your path but after a while the sun will shine and the building will be rebuilt better than before and the trees will grow with a new vengeance for life. Yes my boy it is your choice to choose whatever direction you wish but if you are not prepared to flow with nature and the seasons you will stay in the one spot and become a stagnant pool which will surely contaminate anything and anyone who takes a sip of life from you. it is your choice.Yes my boy it is your choice.”

I too have a Dreamtime for not only children but for adults as well, only my story is adapted for the children in our present day. I hope they will listen.

Life’s Highway.

Once upon a time there was a beautiful wide highway made of thick concrete and this highway commenced at the city limits and wound it’s way up a sloping landscape between fields of paddocks and trees where bright yellow daffodils grew.
Standing in the paddocks were cows with expressionless faces munching on lush verdant grass. The road then meandered down the other side of the hillock between an archway of tall gum trees with their leaves shimmering in the sunshine..

At the end of the highway was a beautiful natural parkland beside a pristine waterhole where a frog sat on a rock and it watched the tadpoles darting away from the silver perch who shared their home. Beside the waterfall was a huge Cootamundra wattle in full yellow bloom with a blanket of yellow below it. Further back was a flowering red gum where the bell birds sat on a stage made of branches and sand an
aria to a sleepy koala feeding her baby in her pouch.

Butterflies fluttered by and kissed the flowers then danced away while cockatoos and shiny black crows with wings and wasps and bees with stingsflew off into the distance as a shiny station wagon with mum and dad and grandpa and grandma pulled up and a little boy and girl jumped excitedly out of the rear door and skipped over to the waterhole with a jar to put some tadpoles in when they caught them.

The father unloaded the esky and carried it to the tree where the mum laid out a check blanket and arranged the paper plates and sandwiches and thermos and scones while dad and grandpa sat on the grass and chatted while they sipped on their can of beer after placing it in a stubby holder and taking off the lid. The children were called for lunch and they came to lunch immediately carrying heir jar of tadpoles.

This was their private haven shared by many others on a Sunday over the years. It was such a popular and beautiful place and the highway was well used butover the years it was never maintained and nor was the water hole or the park. The verges fell away with during heavy downpours and the pounding of heavy trucks were the cause of dangerous potholes until it became too dangerous and the RTA put a barrier at the entrance of the highway with the sad words “This Highway is Closed.”

No one visited the waterhole any more and the wattle tree died and the bellbirds flew away followed by the cockatoos but the crows still sometimes visited and the wasps and bees increased in numbers and no longer was a butterfly to be seen.
The waterhole was filled with algae and the frog died after the tadpoles and no one knew what happened to the fish

Your life and your body is like that. If you do not respect it and give it proper nutrition and maintenance it will shut down and no one will ever come near you just like that waterhole. It is your choice.

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