Scientific American Blog Network: I'm on it!

The new Scientific American blog network has launched this week! And I’m on it!…

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I’ll be co-blogging with scientific illustrator Kalliopi Monoyios about art + science, scientific illustration, copyright issues, how new media change art, data visualization, science cartoons, comics, architecture, photography, fine art and much more. You may remember Kalliopi Monoyios from the blog An Eye for Science , sometimes featured on my Scumble posts. She was also the illustrator for the books Your Inner Fish by Neil Shubin and Why Evolution is True by Jerry Coyne.

I’m completely thrilled Kalliopi is joining me on this blog, she’s tremendous fun and it’s been a real collaboration while we worked on getting this ready behind the scenes. Read her introduction p

Scientific accuracy and art

This post originally appeared on my blog, The Flying Trilobite on 27 Sept, 2010 , complete with images.…

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When you type the word “trilobite” into Google’s Blog Search, The Flying Trilobite is currently the first to come up.

But I stick wings on them.

Don’t I have any sense of responsibility? At this moment, I have the first blog to come up about trilobites, and what am I doing? Cackling away while putting wings on aquatic arthropods in my oil paintings. Irresponsible. Think about the children!

So what’s it for?

What does my tagline, Art in Awe of Science even mean if I am going to subvert the science? The science of paleontology reveals through careful examination what life was like long ago, and how its remains have been preserved. Then I hop in, and start painting wings that didn’

Gift from god? I don't think so.

(This originally appeared at my blog, The Flying Trilobite on Sat. 23 May 2009. You may comment there as well.)

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It happens to artists. Surgeons. When someone marvels at the eye, or bacterial flagellum.

“Your art ability is amazing. A gift from God, no doubt.”


Just because something is hard to understand, just because complicated processes occurred that you did not witness, does not mean it was caused by a benevolent mythical being who hands out aptitudes like Santa with presents.

It has been a source of fascination to me, and not a little frustration that the ability to create art and the complexity of biological features each sit in the blind spots of members of the devout populace.

Like a gift from god. It’s throwing your hands up in the air and casually (lazily) admitti

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