On deployment to the desert again!

I just wanted to offer an apology for not being on here for the past month. I left at the end of June for another tour in the desert, yup, one more. I wanted to get something out to everyone prior to me leaving, but as time passed so did my chance of sending out a message. Since being over here I’ve not been able to get on here due to the net being really iffy at best lol, we are in the desert, not four seasons lol.…

This time it’s hotter than last year because I’m over here later in the summer. I took a temp reading the other day in the shade and it was 124.6 degrees F or 51.4 degrees C…that’s hot. And judging by the other 6 or so trips I’ve made over here, we are getting ready to get into the hot season, 130 plus. For now, I’m doing really well as is my crew.

I do miss the hell out

One awesome photographer!

Two weeks ago, my mom came out to visit. Some of you know that my mom is the reason that I am into photography. Some of you that are new to my watch list are not aware of this fact. My mom is ej29.…

I can remember when I was young, I never saw my mom without a camera, and a HUGE lens. Some of her photos would hang in our house, one of which was of a grist mill. That had always been my favorite.

While she was out here two weeks ago, I got to see her at work, like way back then. I have my perspective on how to take a photo. My mom has an artists eye. She can see angles, perspectives that I don’t think about. I’m more “the whole photo” type of photographer, where she is more of the angles and cuts for the artistic view. If you look at her photos you will see what I’m talking about.

Three features this week!!!!!!!!

This week three of my photos have been featured. These photos were taken while my mom was out here on vacation. To say these photos are special is putting it mildly, Mom (ej29) had a ton of fun while driving all over the place, and these photos are parts of our memories.

Thank you so much Northern California Style and the hosts E.R. and Linda Bazor for featuring Knights Room

and Castello di Amorosa, awesome surprises on both, thank you again!!!!!

The last photo to feature this week, was Knights Room, featured in Photography 101. Thank you so Photography 101 and all of the hosts (there are a ton of them lol) for this wonderful feature, I think this is my first in this group, thank you again.

Barn Owl recieved a feature

I’ve had a nice little surprise this morning. My photo “Barn Owl” has been featured in the group "ImageWriting (2/24)!!!!! Thank you so much to the hosts of ImageWriting for featureing my photo in their group, and thank you all for your comment and support.


Two Features today!!!!!!!

My photo from the top was featured in the group Northern California Style (4 art per day)!!!!!! Thank you so much for the feature, that makes my day!!!!!!!

Also my other photo The Fallen was featured in ImageWriting(2/24)!!!!!! Such a surprise on this one, thank you so much for the feature and allowing this story to be told. Thank all of you for your support and taking the time to look at my photos.

Oh, and it seems as though I have forgotten how to insert the photos into my journals lmao, been out of practice for a little bit. So a bmail from someone would be greatly appreciated lol, thank you again!!!!!!


I've made it home

Hey everyone! I have made it home finally. Well, I made it home a little over two weeks ago. I have a few more weeks to go before I will be back on here with some photos. I just wanted to pop on, let you all know that I have made it home fine, and I’m now enjoying some quality time with my family, about a month or so.…

The desert was…well it was the desert. Hot, a lot of sand, and no ocean lol. I worked nights while over there, thank god for that because it was just too hot during the day. Though on this trip I only saw the temp get up to 120, so not too bad. Trust me, it gets a lot worse.

On the unfortunate side of things. I was unable to take my camera out much at all. As soon as I got over there, we were warned that they were confiscating cameras, so mine stayed in my bag. It

Made it to a stopping point with a couple surprises!!!!!!!

Well, I have made it to almost the final leg of my journey. I’m now in the desert, but have one last leg of the trip to finish and I’ll be at my base. While away I just found out that I featured in one group and made a top ten in another group!!!!!! That is awesome, must do this more often lol, just kidding, no more than a need to lol. First thank you so much “Norther California Style” for featuring my photo “Bet you can’t do this!”

Thank you so much for featuring my photo E.R. and Linda Bazor for this amazing honor, you guys are awesome.
The second thank you goes out to all of those that vote in the latest “Extreme Close-Ups” group challenge. My photo “Red” was voted into the top ten for Extreme close ups of birds!!!!!!!

Talk about excited, that is so awesome because it comes from a…

Time to leave!!!!!!!!

Well, that time has arrived. Tonight is my last night home and then I will be in transition to my desert location. I wanted to send a very heartfelt thank you to all of my friends here, and a sorry. First, I’m sorry I have not been very active on here for the past month, I have missed you guys big time. Second, thank you for understanding why I have not been on, and for still checking up on me, I appreciate each and every one of you!

I’ll be able to get on here when I get to my location. As for how much, I’m not sure yet. I will make every effort to get back on here while there. I should also be able to check in some while in transition as well. Anyway, you all take care and I’ll be back on here as soon as I can.


"HDR Barn" Just got featured!!!!!!!

I just got on here for a second and found out that my photo “HDR Barn” has been featured in the group “Rural Around The Globe”!!!!!!! That is pretty awesome stuff seeing how I had no idea how to really do the HDRs. Thank you Steve Smith for the help with the HDR, and thank you so much to the Hosts of “Rural Around The Globe” budrfli and BigD for the awesome complement and honor of being featured in your group!!!!!!!!


"The loner" was featured

I big huge thank you to the group “Wolves & Wild Kin” for featuring my photo “The loner”!!!!!! If only this guy new that his photo was featured, he might would have given me a few close ups lol, then took my arm!!!! Thank you so much Nic Relton and Marleia M Main for the feature, I truly appreciate it!!!!! You guys rock and so does your group!!!!!

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