I will be gone for about a month.

I’m sorry if for the last day or two I have not been able to put as much time into looking at everyone’s work on here. I was given a short notice for a TDY that is going to take me about a month or so to complete. The good news is, I will get to see my mom and sister while on this TDY to the East Coast. Speaking of, today my daughter, son and I got to go to Mt. Lassen before I left. We took a ton of pictures each (daughter and I) and me with my new Canon 10-22mm lens my mom got me for my Birthday/Christmas. That was a big surprise when I got that in the mail.

As soon as I get the chance though I’ll be putting my pictures and my daughters on here for you all to see. My daughter got some really great shots and I’m pretty excited about going through them. So bare with me while I make my way out to the East Coast and I’ll drop in as soon as I get the chance.

Until then,


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