Childhood Narratives by Deborah Parkin

My dear friend Deborah Parkin is a gifted and inspiring photographer. In a lot of her pictures she is exploring the emotions of childhood, the joys, adventures as well as the fears and vulnerabilities. She decided to make a book with an impressive selection of her works. This amazing book also contains her intriguing picture ‘Secret Place’ and the poem I wrote inspired by this image. I consider it an honour Deborah added this collaboration in her book. Childhood is the source of a lot of joy and misery. This book is a must for everyone who is fascinated by this theme. Just step into the magical world of Deborah Parkin and start exploring the deep psychological layers hidden in our youth, sometimes filled with happiness and sometimes stashed with fear. Click on the link below, have a look at the preview and buy it. And while you are watching her work you have to keep this in mind: not all is apparent; you will have to look deeper.

Click here for the book Childhood Narratives by Deborah Parkin.

Click here for Deborah’s portfolio.

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