The meaning of 'Almost nothing'

I want to thank all of you for your beautiful comments on ‘Almost nothing’. You can’t imagine how I enjoyed reading your words and thoughts. The image provoked some speculating about the meaning of it, the symbolism in it and about the title. I truly think all your thoughts and ideas about what you saw are as ligitimate as mine are. But, to make this dialogue complete, I will try to explain my ideas behind it.

It has all to do with duality which is a very important concept to me. The human soul is characterised by duality. I am capable to hate and I am capable to love. There is light in me and there is darkness in me. Living in duality forces me to make decisions: do I choose to hate or do I choose to love? Decisions I have to make a thousand times a day. This is the quest of life for me. These decisions make me to who I am and they are not without engagement. My decisions can lead me to a life full of anger and darkness or to a life full of love and light.

For me flowers are symbols of beauty, love and life. The poppy has the vulnerability people have too. You can also make opium of it. That makes you feel good. But is it good? Anyway, the human soul is a flower that can develop itself into two directions: up or down. As shown in the image. The two corridors are the two possible paths of life. They are duality.

There are not much differences between the two corridors. Ever met a psychopath? They can be very kind and friendly. You don’t feel or see they, one day, want to hurt you. And the greatest trick of the devil is making you believe he doesn’t excist.

Why ‘Almost nothing’? Well, this is all about spiritual growth. And the funny thing with the great developments in my inner life is this: it always feels as if I gained nothing. I once read a book from a French guy that went to Tibet and lived in a Boeddist monastery. This period of his life was a real catharsis to him. But when he went back to Paris he felt as if he returned with empty hands. (Title of his book.) So, 47 years full of experiences and still a FlyBoy. But everyday a little lighter at heart. And that is not nothing; it is almost nothing.

And, yes, I hope the path of my life will bring me to the other side of the world. (Where the sun always shines …)

As you see: you all were right on the spot with your speculations. It is so great to feel there are a couple of people, all over the world, that séé me. Thanks for being there. Happy flight!

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