Body back in Holland, spirit still in Oz ...

… and – oh yeah – I have got a jetlag of serious proportions.

MaryO and I landed yesterday morning at 06.00 at Schiphol Airport in Amsterdam.

We have had a beautiful holiday in Australia. I am still to tired to write a lot about it. All I can say is that my mind is completely filled up with memories, images and experiences. I definitely fell in love with Oz and the Oz people.

MaryO is an Australian citizen living in the Netherlands. One of the reasons of this trip was to find out if we want to go and live in Australia. Well, the answer is a very clear ‘yes’! From this day on we are going to make plans and I am going to apply for a Spouse Visa.

On our trip we met a couple of RedBubblers and it was absolutely a great experience to meet them. Ozcloggie, MBartworks, Miloman, Bodymechanic, Marco Betti, Whirligig, Hugo, Hippo and WorldVision: I want to thank you all for the pleasure of meeting you and we will keep in touch!

Ozcloggie made a couple of beautiful reports of the day we spend with him in Sydney. You will find them here and here and here.

I will slowly start with my RB activities, starting with answering BubbleMails send to me while I was in Australia.

The image below shows a meeting in Melbourne with RedBubblers Whirligig (right, middle), Hippo (right, front) and Hugo (left, end of the table).

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